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We are a Gurgaon based organisation who is into multi-purpose charity where we not only help animals, we help old sick people, under privileged poor girl child, ragpickers children and everyone who approaches us for help besides attending to critical emergency for street animals, we also help people who are homeless, sick or children who need proper education. Every donation serves it's rightful purpose and falls under tax exemption category of 12A and 80G plus CSR exemption certificate is also provided to corporate and companies who are associated with our cause. Our trust is associated with Niti Aayog too.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to expand it globally all over India to provide critical medical care to all animals and humans in distress. We would love to see them in a friendly, peaceful , loving environment where their basic needs are taken care of.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aspire for a peaceful and cruel free environment for our stray animals who are being constantly tortured , we intend to create awareness among the society where these beings are looked down upon.

...We want to change the perspective of the society towards this loving and peaceful voiceless souls and try to bridge the gap for peaceful co existence. We also aspire to awaken a sense of responsibility, sensitivity, compassion and kindness towards all.

Our Values

We work on the principles of Dharma and karma. A loving, just, kind, compassionate, sincere and pure intent towards all our causes for all sentient beings be it humans or animals.

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